How much do doctors make in Germany in US dollars? (2023)

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How much do doctors make in Germany in US dollars?

The average German primary-care doctor makes around $123,000 a year before taxes. That's about one-third less than the U.S. average.

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How much money do doctors make in Germany?

A German physician typically earns around 8,960 EUROs per month. Salaries start at 3,290 EUROs and reach 15,100 EUROs. The actual salary depends on several factors such as: The field you're working in.

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What is Germany's doctors per 1000 people?

Physician density in 2020: 4.5 physicians per 1,000 people in Germany - German Federal Statistical Office.

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Which country gives the most money for a doctor?

Surprisingly, Luxembourg is considered the most lucrative country for doctors around the world. Luxembourg is a small country in western Europe, its population is around 632000. Luxembourg is among the top 10 countries that offer high quality of life around the world.

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Are doctors paid good in Germany?

The average monthly salary for a physician in Germany is roughly 8,960 EUR. Typical salaries range from €3,290 to €15,100 per year.

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Can a US doctor work in Germany?

Entry requirements for doctors

If you completed your education and training as a doctor abroad, you will require an official licence (Approbation) in order to work in your profession in Germany. Without this licence, you may not be able to treat patients as an on-duty doctor in Germany.

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Which profession is highest paid in Germany?

Doctors are the highest-paid group in Germany

In Germany, doctors were the highest-paid profession in 2022. That is according to the annual salary report conducted by the recruitment platform Stepstone, which considered wage data from 561.761 jobs from January 2021 to November 2022.

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How much does a PHD doctor earn in Germany?

Job & Salary After PhD in Germany
Junior Professor67,000 EUR (INR 54 lakh/year)
Assistant/Associate Professor62,000 EUR (INR 50 lakh/year)
Guest Lecturer60,000 EUR (INR 48.3 lakh/year)
Actuary68,000 EUR (INR 55 lakh/year)
Nov 10, 2022

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Are salaries in Germany high?

According to Statista, in 2021, the average gross annual salary in Germany was 47.700 euros a year, or 3.975 euros a month. The numbers above are for all of Germany. However, the average gross salary will depend greatly on your location, professional experience, education, size of the company, and gender.

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Are doctors underpaid in Germany?

A doctor in Germany can earn as much as 200,000 euros every year or more. They also have great healthcare benefits and many other perks. Being a doctor in Germany is challenging and does not come without its perks. The average net salary for a doctor starts at around €60,000 per year with a range of €61,000 - €71,000.

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Why doctors leave Germany?

Germany's well-trained but frustrated young doctors are leaving the country for higher pay in ever greater numbers, leaving some hospitals struggling to fill positions.

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Is health Care Free in Germany?

Yes, all Germans and legal residents of Germany are entitled to free “medically necessary” public healthcare, which is funded by social security contributions. However, citizens must still have either state or private health insurance, covering at least hospital and outpatient medical treatment and pregnancy.

How much do doctors make in Germany in US dollars? (2023)
Which state in USA pays highest to doctors?

North Dakota tops the list with an average pay of $361,000. Alaska is a close second, at $359,000. Both states are home to rural areas that need higher compensation to attract physicians.

Are doctors considered rich in USA?

According to a new Medscape survey, experienced physicians or medical doctors in the US are paid the most and are the most satisfied with their pay. They also have the highest net worth in the country. This article provides a complete guide on doctors' annual salaries in America.

Which country has the happiest doctors?

The happiest doctors in the world are found in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, according to a new study.

Do doctors pay taxes in Germany?

Overall new doctors in their first year will earn less than twice the average national salary in a hospital but need to work many more hours. Tax and other deductions are traditionally very high in Germany (approximately 40%).

How much does it cost to live in Germany?

The cost of living: average values for Germany in 2022

According to Destatis, it adds up to €2,507 a month, with 37% of this going towards housing and energy costs and 15% on food, alcohol, and tobacco (as of September 2022). If you calculate this on an annual basis, the average cost of living in Germany is €30,084.

How much does a surgeon make in Germany?

Average income of Doctors in germany
SpecialisationIncome in Euro
Orthopedic Specialist311.000
5 more rows

Can I work in Germany with a US degree?

If you have a university degree that is accepted in Germany you just need a job that pays good – and after working here for 33 months you will get a permanent residency permit.

Do you have to speak German to be a doctor in Germany?

Language requirements

Because medical professions are regulated in Germany, you will need to prove that you have at least B2-level general German. In many federal states you will need C1-level medical German as well. (In Germany, every federal state has its own regulations for doctors.)

What is the best city to live in Germany as a doctor?

While Berlin is the largest city in Germany, Munich is the one that tends to attract the most healthcare professionals. Several factors are driving this. First, the city is beautiful, nestled in the Bavarian countryside, just a few miles from the Alps.

Are salaries in US higher than Germany?

In general, wages in the United States tend to be higher than those in Europe, particularly for skilled and high-paying jobs. Part of the reason for this is that the cost of living in the U.S. is usually higher than in Europe. This means that workers need to make more money to keep their standard of living the same.

What is a wealthy salary in Germany?

In its most recent figures from December 2021, the Institute for German Economy (IW) found that a single person earning €3,700 a month after taxes qualifies as rich, as that puts them in the top ten percent of earners in the country.

What is a high end salary in Germany?

As a result, they are often some of the highest-paid professionals in the country, with salaries ranging from 70,000 to 120,000 euros per year.
Top Recruiters.
Sr. No.Top recruitersAvg. Annual Salary
1.RGT consultants€93.930
2.Gurcan Partners Law Firm€60,000
3.Hengeler Mueller€48,696
Feb 6, 2023

How much do doctors make in usa?

The entry level doctor salary in the USA is around $209,190 as of November 23, 2022. But the average salary range falls between $181,121 – $233,989.

How many years does it take to become a doctor in Germany?

Medicine degrees in Germany take at least 6 years and 3 months to complete, and they are not divided into Bachelor's and Master's courses. To graduate you will have to take a state examination.

How much does a university teacher earn in Germany?

Professors at universities of applied sciences are normally paid according to the civil service W2 pay scale. Initially, the monthly gross basic salary is between approximately 5,400 euros and 6,700 euros. Some higher professorships at universities of applied sciences are also paid according to the W3 scale.

How much is rent in Germany?

What is the average cost of rent in Germany? Average rent costs in Germany range from €300 to €800 per calendar month for a room in shared accommodation and from €500 to €1,346 for a one-bedroom flat.

How much tax do you pay in Germany?

All German residents must pay taxes in Germany. If you earn the median income, you keep around 65% of your gross income. Around 35% of your income goes to taxes and social contributions. If you earn more money, you keep a smaller part of your gross income.

What is Germany's tax rate?

Income tax rates 2021
IncomeTax Rate
Less than 9.744 euros0%
9.744 - 57.918 euros14% to 42%
57.919 - 274.612 euros42%
More than 274.613 euros45%

Are US doctors underpaid?

U.S. Doctor Salaries vs Other Countries

According to Medscape's 2022 Physician Compensation Report, the average physician in the United States earns approximately $339,000 per year. If we break this down further, the average primary care physician earns approximately $260,000 and the average specialist earns $368,000.

Does Germany have a shortage of doctors?

Germany is battling a dramatic shortage in medicine – DW – 12/20/2022.

Is becoming a doctor free in Germany?

Funding Medical School in Germany

No tuition fees are charged for doctoral study at public universities in Germany, but for the study visa you will be required to show proof you can support yourself. This is estimated to be about 8,000 Euros a year, though cost of living varies greatly around the country.

Are Germans happy with healthcare?

In an OECD wide comparison, German citizens are particularly satisfied with their health care system. 85% express satisfaction, compared to a 71% OECD average, though satisfaction has slightly declined in Germa- ny since 2007, from 87% to 85%.

How many days off do doctors get in Germany?

Vacations allowed for a doctor in Germany are 28-30 days per month.

Is German healthcare good or bad?

Germany's health care system is well-rounded and stable, ranking #3 in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation with an overall score of 59.79, below the Netherlands (#2, 62.99) and above Ireland (#4, 56.67).

Does Germany have high taxes?

The rate of income tax in Germany ranges from 0% to 45%. The German income tax is a progressive tax, which means that the average tax rate (i.e., the ratio of tax and taxable income) increases monotonically with increasing taxable income.

Is German healthcare free for Americans?

In the case of Germany, German residents pay for health insurance every month, therefore it is not free. You have to pay for health insurance whether or not you get sick. However, if you do get sick and need to visit a doctor, your hospital or medical bills will be covered by your health insurance – at least partially.

Does Germany have free college?

In 2014, Germany officially eliminated tuition for most bachelor's and many master's degree students, regardless of country of origin. Students must still consider administrative fees, the cost of living, and the expenses required to fund the visa process, but going to college in Germany is nominally free to all.

What is the lowest paying state for doctors?

That state where doctors earn the most is Mississippi, according to an analysis from WalletHub, the personal finance website. The location where doctors earn the least? It's the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., according to the report "2020's Best and Worst States for Doctors."

Are nurses paid more than doctors in USA?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, doctors typically earn approximately $100 per hour, on average. Nurse practitioners often make a little over $50 per hour. Of course, these are average hourly pay rates and various factors may contribute to higher or lower hourly rates for both professionals.

Where are the best doctors in America?

The top 10 cities for physicians in the U.S.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina. ...
  • Boise, Idaho. ...
  • Austin, Texas. ...
  • Boulder, Colorado. ...
  • Orlando, Florida. ...
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin. ...
  • Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh is two hours from the ocean and two hours from the mountains. ...
Jan 4, 2022

What doctor is a billionaire?

Said to be America's richest doctor, Los Angeles multibillionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong also is a medical entrepreneur, anti-cancer crusader, scientist, inventor, philanthropist, visionary, negotiator and a basketball nut.

What type of doctor makes a million dollars a year?

1. How Much Do the Highest-Paid Doctors Make? The highest-paid doctors in the US are in surgical specialties such as plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, or cardiology and report earning over $500,000 per year on average.

Are doctors upper middle class?

The upper-middle-class usually evolves out of people from the middle-class tier who are particularly resourceful or who achieve higher levels of education than the rest of the middle class. Examples of these people in today's society are doctors and lawyers.

What nationality are most doctors?

Among active physicians, 56.2% identified as White, 17.1% identified as Asian, 5.8% identified as Hispanic, and 5.0% identified as Black or African American. Note that the race for 13.7% of active physicians is Unknown, making that the largest subgroup after White and Asian.

Who is the most respected doctor in the world?

Dr. Shiong is known as the best doctor in the world and also one of the richest doctors in the world. He is a South African-American transplant surgeon, billionaire businessman, bioscientist, and media owner.

What states have the best doctors?

Best States to Practice Medicine
Overall RankStateTotal Score
2South Dakota67.47
47 more rows
Mar 20, 2023

Which doctor is highest paid in US?

1. What are the highest paid doctors in the United States? According to the latest statistics, physicians working in the orthopedics specialty are the highest earning doctors in the US, with an average annual income of US$511K. 2.

How much foreign doctors earn in usa?

Average Salary of a Medical Professional in the US

The average salary of US doctors in 2022 is USD 183,429, which is equivalent to around 1.4 Crore Rupees. The lowest national annual average wage was USD 126,470, and the highest was USD 208,000.

Which medical jobs are highest paid in Germany?

Doctors are the highest-paid group in Germany

In Germany, doctors were the highest-paid profession in 2022. That is according to the annual salary report conducted by the recruitment platform Stepstone, which considered wage data from 561.761 jobs from January 2021 to November 2022.

Where are doctors paid the most in USA?

Top 10 highest paying states for physicians in 2022
  1. Kentucky. in Kentucky, doctors earn an average of $364,000 a year, same as in Tennessee.
  2. Tennessee. When moving to Tennessee, most doctors see a sizeable bump in their income. ...
  3. Alabama. ...
  4. Missouri. ...
  5. Oregon. ...
  6. Indiana. ...
  7. North Carolina. ...
  8. Connecticut. ...
Jul 7, 2022

What is the lowest paid doctor?

Pediatricians earn on average $221,000 and work an average of 47 hours per week, yielding an average hourly wage of $94. It should be noted that pediatricians have the lowest annual salary out of any specialty on our list; however, they also work fewer hours than most specialties.

Why is US doctor salary so high?

Supply, Demand, & the Residency Bottleneck

There is no shortage of people who want to become doctors. Rather, there are systems in place that have limited the number of physicians that can be trained each year–the most notable of which is the “residency bottleneck.” This, in turn, has inflated physician salaries.

Who are the top 3 paid doctors?

The following are the highest paid doctor jobs in the order of increasing salaries:
  1. Cardiologist. National average salary: ₹3,64,840 per year. ...
  2. Nephrologist. National average salary: ₹3,79,732 per year. ...
  3. Orthopaedic surgeon. National average salary: ₹4,78,829 per year. ...
  4. Urologist. ...
  5. Neurologist. ...
  6. Oncologist. ...
  7. Surgeon. ...
  8. Pulmonologist.
Apr 6, 2023

How much is a nurse paid in USA?

In the United States overall, the average registered nurse salary is $82,750 and the median (50th percentile) is $77,600. California, with RN salaries averaging $124,000, is the highest-paying state for nurses as of May 2021 (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Can doctors earn millions in us?

Millionaire Status

Across the board according to the 2021 physician wealth report, 56% of physicians reported a net worth of over a million. Out of family physicians, the majority become millionaires by the age of 55, with only 11% having a net worth of a million before 45.

How much do doctors make after residency in USA?

The national average salary for a Resident Doctor is $65,474 in United States. Filter by location to see Resident Doctor salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 14 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Resident Doctor employees. How accurate does $65,474 look to you?

Which city in Germany pays the most?

Average Gross Salary In Germany By Location

According to the website called, the average gross salary in the most popular cities for expats is: Munich: 45.360 euros per year (gross) Düsseldorf: 43.512 euros per year (gross) Stuttgart: 45.048 euros per year (gross)

Which degree pays the most in Germany?

Medicine: Doctors in Germany are among the highest-paid professionals in the country. International graduates with a medical degree can find employment in hospitals, clinics, or private practices. Average salary: €50,000 – €80,000 per year.


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